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Replacing broken springs and cables isn't all we do. Our experts can also help you if you're interested in having a new garage door installed. Here are a few examples of our latest work.

Opener Replacement Near Woodstock, GA

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Reese had grown tired of how inconsistently his old garage door opener worked.
Our Solution: We agreed that the best way to be rid of all the small problems that had been building up with Mr. Reese’s old garage door opener would be to replace it. He chose a Linear LDCO850 model, thanks to being able to open it with a smartphone app, and the fact each member of his family could use the app to operate it. Our technicians removed the old opener and connected the Linear.

Kelly Reese - Woodstock
Track Replacement | Sixes | Woodstock, GA

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Elton had an overhead garage door track that broke after being weakened by a chronic leak.
Our Solution: After lifting the garage door off of its tracks, our real task of removing the track could begin. Once it was unscrewed, our replacement went in with much heavier insulation. Finally, the door had to be lifted back up and lowered into place on its new tracks.

John Elton - Sixes
Opener Repair | Noonday | Garage Door Repair Woodstock, GA

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: The Barbosas’ electric opener motor was making strange noises and moving haltingly. It was a hassle to deal with and they needed to have the problem fixed asap.
Our Solution: It was obvious from the beginning that the problem was inside of the garage door opener box, so the team disconnected it and made with the exploratory surgery. A tangle in the drive chain had bent one of the gears out of shape; untangling the chain and replacing the gear fixed it up.

Melany Barbosa - Noonday
New Garage Door Installation | Garage Door Repair Woodstock, GA

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: Wanted to have a new garage door installed.
Our Solution: After measuring the dimensions of the customer's garage and its opening, we sat down with him to try and find which type of model would be the right fit for his home. After considering several options, the customer decided to get a Clopay carriage house garage door from their COACHMAN® collection. We installed it for him a few days later, and ensured that the entire mechanism was working flawlessly from the start.

Nick Howll - Woodstock
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Woodstock, GA

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: One of the two torsion springs broke and needed to be replaced.
Our Solution: The reason the customer had two torsion units was the heavy weight of his door. Even though the second torsion spring was still operational, its condition was far from optimal, and we recommended replacing it as well as the broken unit, to avoid potentially dangerous problems later on. He agreed, and we quickly carried out the necessary work and safely wound the new springs with tension.

Greta Yond - Southern Oaks
Roller Replacement | Garage Door Repair Woodstock, GA

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Nylon door rollers broke.
Our Solution: The benefit nylon rollers hold over steel ones was their lack of maintenance requirements. They don't need to be lubricated because they're not made of metal, and their movement is naturally silent. However, they're not as durable, as this customer found out. We suggested replacing the damaged units with steel ones and showing her how to lubricate them occasionally to keep their performance smooth and silent. She agreed, and told us later that she found the required maintenance to be less of a hassle than she thought it would be.

Rita Gregory - Woodstock
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Our Reliable Experts

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High End Products

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