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Advice About Garage Doors and Openers

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Advice About Garage Doors and Openers

Take a look at the tips listed below to learn how to take good care of your garage door system and some other useful information. If you find yourself dealing with an unexpected problem, remember that our team is always just a phone call away.

A door that uses extension springs should also use safety cables

Our garage door experts in Woodstock suggest that all door systems that use extension springs should also have safety cables installed. These will help to keep the springs in place when they break and prevent them from whipping around and injuring someone. If you notice any fraying or cuts on the cables, you need to get them replaced as soon as possible.

Make sure all the fasteners are tightened

You should give importance to these tiny garage door parts because if they are not in good condition, your safety might be compromised and the door might become very noisy. As an overall rule, fasteners must be free of rust but also well tightened and regularly checked since they ensure the other hardware parts, like the tracks, are stable and that the door can move properly.

Weatherstrip your garage door

Weather stripping a garage door is easy and can also help you save on electricity bills. It needs to be done correctly to prevent moisture from entering the garage. After adding seals to the bottom and sides of the door, check their condition periodically and get them replaced when their condition deteriorates.

Never open the garage door with your fingers

According to our experts at Garage Door Repair Woodstock, modern models are built with handles or safe gripping joints, in case they have to be opened manually. It is never safe to open your garage door by placing your fingers between the panels as they could get pinched. If you need to operate the mechanism manually, use the handles or gripping points.

Get galvanized garage door parts

When it's time to replace certain garage door parts, trust the experience and recommendations experts like our Woodstock based team and make sure the replacement parts are galvanized, if possible. Garage door springs and rollers, as well as hinges and tracks, often come in a galvanized variety, which makes them more resistant to corrison and therefore longer lasting too.

Get the best rollers for your needs

Garage door rollers help the panels move along the tracks, and issues involving them can be very noisy and annoying, and may even lead to unexpected breakdowns. Today, you can find metal or nylon rollers with zinc plated stems. The former will be able to last longer but will need to be lubricated regularly, while the latter won't require lubrication, but won't last as long. You can also find rollers with ball bearings, which tend to be quieter than their counterparts.


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