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The best tips about garage doors and their maintenance. Read and learn how to keep them strong and beautiful. Learn how to paint, clean and maintain them. Get fresh ideas, solutions and the most useful tips for all garage door systems. Go through the following tips and learn new things about ways to handle garage door issues

  • Safety cables

    Our garage door experts in Woodstock suggest that all garage doors with extension springs should have a safety cable. As the spring is considered to sustain high tension when the garage door is closing, any breakage during this time can cause serious injury. Safety cables contain extension springs so they don't hurt anyone if they suddenly break.

  • Make sure fasteners are tightened

    Do give importance to these tiny garage door parts because if they are not in good condition, your safety might be compromised and the door might become very noisy. As an overall, fasteners must be free of rust but also well tightened and regularly checked since they ensure the other parts are stable and the door is moving properly.

  • Weather seals on garage doors

    Weather stripping a garage door is easy to do and this can also help save on electricity bills. It needs to be done correctly to prevent moisture from entering the garage. Always apply the seals to the bottom of the door, on the frame and between door panels.

  • Never open the garage door with your fingers

    According to our experts from Garage Door Repair Woodstock, recently built garage doors are built with handles or safe gripping joints, in case they have to be opened manually. It is never safe to open your garage door by placing your fingers between the door sections. If you need to manually open or close your door, use the handles or gripping points.

  • Get galvanized garage door parts

    When it's time to replace certain garage door parts, trust the experience and recommendations of the experts of our company in Woodstock and get galvanized ones. Most of them, from garage door springs to rollers, hinges and tracks, come in galvanized materials and they will save you the trouble of replacement since they won't erode.

  • Get the best rollers

    Garage door rollers carry the heavy garage door and ought to roll smoothly on garage door tracks. Today, you can find stainless or platted ones with zinc, for a long lasting period, which won't corrode. They're a bit more expensive but can be kep longer. If you choose rollers with many ball-bearings, they'll also be quiet.

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